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We offer a wide range of highly resistant and environmentally-friendly Quartz coverings.

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Accent Quartz - Quartz-based topcoat

The product "Accent Quartz has been developed to meet the health, ecological and aesthetic requirements of swimming pool and water feature linings.
A high-tech mineral product with a natural quartz base that is highly resistant, seamless and single-component.

Features :

The Accent Quartz coating can be applied in less than a week, and can be put in water immediately.

This coating is just as well suited to projects involving the creation of new pools as it is to the renovation of old pools built in reinforced concrete.


Consumption is usually reduced by 40%. As algae do not adhere to the liner, the pool can be easily maintained from one year to the next without having to be emptied for pool cleaning.


Usually 3ºC and in the case of dark coatings up to 5ºC. Quartz reflects the sun's rays in all directions, creating a mirror effect that naturally raises the water temperature.


Up to 50% in cases such as painted pools. With no build-up of organic matter on the coating, chemical consumption is significantly reduced.


Longer time between cleanings. Cleaning is quick and easy.


As it is an in situ coating, it does not generate debris.


The quartz aggregate ensures the product's durability.


QUARTZ is applied in 4 phases:

This coating is just as well suited to projects involving the creation of new pools as it is to the renovation of old pools built in reinforced concrete.

Phase 1 - Removal of the old pavement

Acting on any pool support with a reinforced concrete structure designed for highly damaging cracking, the application of our MT2-G technical mortar ensures the structural stability of the pool against micro-cracks and small movements. It's a cement adhesive with great adhesion and flexibility (class C2-TES2) that is applied with the addition of a fibreglass mesh, creating a stable, resistant and crack-free pool.

Phase 2 - Waterproofing

HF-24 waterproofing, specially developed by Accent Quartz for use in reinforced concrete swimming pools with highly damaging cracks and on beaches, is a single-component mortar with great adhesion and flexibility, high mechanical resistance and optimum behaviour in the face of the chemical agents normally used to treat swimming pool water. The ultimate in waterproofing.

Phase 3 - Bond coat

Before applying the Quartz coating, the BK-72 primer should be applied to the HF-24 coating to ensure excellent adhesion between the waterproofing layers and the Quartz coating.

Phase 4 - Application of the Quartz coating

The Quartz coating is applied with a trowel like a traditional mortar in a 1cm thick layer. After application, the surface of the Quartz coating is cleaned with our Desactigel product to highlight the Quartz crystals, giving your pool a natural mineral effect.Our complete system is the definitive, all-round solution for refurbishing, renovating and creating reinforced concrete pools that are prone to damaging cracks. Designed to be applied with our Quartz linings for pools and beaches. Our products, used separately, are also compatible with all types of use in the building sector.

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